"A Warrior"

16" x 12" Oil on Linen

Probably no people in the world took to horses more quickly than the Southwestern Native American "Indian" nations who were the first to acquire them.  Escaping and straying from the stock brought over by the Spanish in Mexico, it was not long before the Southern Tribes in the current USA were riding and even training horses with great skill.  The Comanche were among the first people to get horses and their cousins, the Shoshone were benefactors as mounted cavalry in their war against horseless but better armed Blackfeet in Southern Canada.  But the horse culture was not static and soon every tribe on the plains, including the Blackfeet had vast herds of ponies.  The balance of power and the ability to move and hunt were dramatic among warring tribes and the added leisure and wealth helped those nations to further develop the beauty and refinement of their culture, including their religious beliefs.  This warrior has never experienced a life without a horse under him.

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