"Ah Kain't Hardly Wate 'til Next Saturday Nite"

Painted Coffee Mug

Most artists go through a periods of time when they will paint something on about any surface that  doesn't move around too quick.  I had a guy visit my gallery regularly once or twice a month, when he came to town. He lived in a tipi back in the woods down the valley and spent each day living a life that disappeared for the rest of the world about 150 years ago.  It was not easy to do and he had a tough life.  When he came to town, he was dressed up completely in his skins.   He told me a story of spending a Saturday night in town and the positives and negatives of bar life for him.  It was a a riotous and insane story.  I had a coffee mug I used and one afternoon, remembering the story, I painted this image on the side of the cup.  I intended to give it to him but a series of life changing things happened to him and I never saw him again.  He was a character!  He had an interesting and different life, but sadly,  the days of the Mountain Man are all gone.


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