"An Old Bannock Song"

11" high x 4" deep x 7" wide - Painted Polyform Clay

I made about eight clay models of Indians and Cowboys over a short period in my spare time, thinking that besides painting I should try to also become a sculptor of small subjects that appealed to me.   I sometimes worked out perspective problems etc. in clay when painting but always lumped the clay back into a mass when no longer needed.  When I seriously tried my hand at "sculpture" five of my models were cast in bronze and then luckily were sold.  Since there was no foundry close to me and having close contact and expertise was not locally available - and on top of that, the costs of having castings made was very expensive,  I just sorta lost interest in working clay or wax and continued painting the two-dimensional oils and gouache work that I enjoyed - plus they paid the bills!


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