"Daughter of the Piegan"

18" x 24" Oil on Linen

This painting was one of my most popular pieces.  We kept it for a long time before selling but made Lithographs of it in a limited edition which are available for sale.  The Piegan (Pay-gan, a corruption of Pikuni) are a branch of the Blackfeet nation and lived historically in Southern Canada and Western Montana.  They have a reservation in Northwest Montana near Glacier National Park.  They roamed, warred upon, and raided other nations from Minnesota to Oregon, into Canada and as far South as Colorado. There is an interesting and amusing story about the prints we had made.  The painting was photographed in very large format and the prints pressed in Seattle.  When I got the Artist's Proofs, I inspected the print very carefully.  I noticed what appeared to be a small scratch across the ladies' belt.  I don't remember any scratches and did not understand how it could happen.  We had the original hanging in our living room so I got up and checked it out.  What I found was a almost invisible but noticeable cat hair from my daughters cat "Freckles."  I brushed the hair and it was gone.  Gone after surviving the trip to Seattle, a lot of handling, repacking, and shipment back home.  Static electricity can be powerful stuff.  The hair can be seen in the prints if you look closely.  Freckles was immortalized.

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