"Headed for the Home Ranch"

9" x 12" Oil on Masonite Panel

This is the Lost River range of Central Idaho.  Ranchers and cowboys have worked this area for 150 years give or take.  The area was once full of buffalo and the Shoshone and Bannock made war and hunted there.  It once was a howling wilderness where the cold winds could blow you out of the saddle.  It was all open range in those days and cattle were spread out along a 100 mile area in length around scattered ranches, so cowboys worked far afield to keep track of the ranch property.  It's a long cold ride over a couple of days to get back "home."  I have always felt a little sorry for this guy because I know he is numb to the core and his bones are tired and he still has a ways to go.  He just hopes it don't snow.  I never talked to any cowboy who said he worked like this for the fun.


I wonder why that is.


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