"Milk River Rendezvous"

18" x 24" Oil on Linen

This is a historic section of land in Canada, just a few miles across the Montana border and West of where the "Writing-on-Stone" Provincial Park is located in Alberta.  The man on the paint horse is from the Blood Tribe, members of the Blackfeet Confederacy of Canada and the U. S.  He is apparently voicing a complaint or providing some information about whiskey runners or maybe horse stealers.  I was not close enough to hear the details.  The RCMP or Mounties had a pretty good reputation in their dealings with the Native Canadians - but not perfect like us.  They are in their normal uniform with the iconic "Bell Boy" forage hats that was official issue at the time albeit useless for protection against the elements.  The "Smokey Bear" felt hats became official around  the turn to the 20th century but quite a lot of men wore brimmed hats on duty from much earlier, if they had one.


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