"Old Gabe"

16" x 20" Oil on Linen

"Old Gabe" was the accepted popular nickname for Jim Bridger, namesake of a bunch of tales about the Frontier West, Fort Bridger in Wyoming, numerous landmarks, and a reputation that was epic if somewhat colored by his early and unfortunate youthful association with Hugh Glass, the subject of the movie "Revenant."  Jim Bridger (middle name Felix) became, mostly by deed and a little by popular myth, about the best known and revered member of the vaunted order of Mount Men.  His actual exploits within and contributions to the knowledge of the great unknown wilderness of the West give him a status that must be appreciated by historians and scholars for the incredible territory he covered and his associations with other famous personages who dressed in skins and lived wildly and freely.  He spoke English, Spanish and French and several Native American languages.

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