"Returning Warrior"


14" x 18" Oil on Linen

Winter, while difficult, is just another season that one must survive.  Still, freezing cold can kill.  Survival skills, by all measures,  not only fosters our creative skills but also calls forth the human limits of endurance and fortitude, etc., etc.  But still, it gets danged cold and the perceptions of the cold or heat is what we must endure first.  For the majority of the general population in America, our comfortable existence living in comfortable homes and offices that are wonderfully heated and air conditioned, makes our perceived tolerable endurance very narrow.  Our ability to survive, however, remains pretty wide if push comes to shove.  I try to remember that, even in these modern times, those who still must live at the mercy of the weather during all the days of their lives urgently need our help!

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