"September Move"


12" x 24" Oil on Linen

This scene is taking place about 3 miles West of the city of Stanley, Idaho to the North of Valley Creek in the Stanley Basin.  The cowboys are driving a small herd stretching to the West quite a ways toward a holding pasture and scales down the road.  The Stanley Basin and the Sawtooth Valley meet at the confluence of Redfish Lake Creek and the Salmon River.  The valleys are over 6000 feet in elevation but contain a pasturage of lush fescue that fattens cattle.  Several of the ranchers active in their operations in the area maintain two ranches or at least two ranges for their cattle - summer range in the mountains and winter range in lower elevations down river or over the summit South.  Some truck cows over the divide to the West and winter in the Treasure Valley.  The move usually starts in September before the early snows make it too risky and difficult to truck them out.


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