"Shoshone Before Horses"

8" x 10" Oil on Canvas

The Shoshone were fortunate early owners of horses among the far Western Tribes.  Many horses had escaped, wandered, or were stolen from the Spanish in Mexico.  The Shoshoni first cousins, the Plains Comanche of the Southern Midwest were among the very first Native Americans to acquire them.  But before they had the horse, they were still required to travel in search of game and food such as Camas.  The burden of work fell upon their domesticated dogs to pull the relatively light dog travois that was a smaller and lighter version of the horse travois.  A dog could haul three or four times the weight on a travois that it could pack on its back same as a horse.  Of course, everything, including lodges and bundles were made smaller  due to the necessity to reduce weight.


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