"Signal of Changing Seasons"

14" x 18" Oil on Masonite Panel

I noticed some time ago that most of my earliest work were snow scenes.  I think that was because that's all I saw during my first months as a full time painter. Deep snow and incredibly cold air.  Our first winter, the snow piling up and the thermometer never appearing above the "zero" mark, had me wondering if perhaps I had misjudged the situation in my zeal to embrace the "wilderness."  I so anticipated the appearance of geese coming back and the possibility that a bluebird or some sort of avian life would appear that I began to understand the term "cabin fever" more eloquently.  Both coming and going from their ranges, birds are still some of the most welcomed and watched of the harbingers of changing seasons.  Doesn't matter where you live.   A simple familiar "chirp" does it!


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