"The Camp at Elk Killed Creek"

20" x 40" Oil on Linen

This encampment is a hunting camp for the purpose of getting Deer Venison and Elk meat to augment the diet of Buffalo.  In getting the meat they also got new deer and elk hides for clothing.  Those hides were thinner and could be tanned to the softness of cloth.  The people might also cut and dress a few lodge poles to replace those worn out. There's snow on the mountains and it will probably be around until next summer.  But the high valleys and the foot hills could have at least one more month or so before being snowed shut.  By that time, all the game will have migrated to lower lands and  the plains for wintering.  There is a Beaver Bundle owner in the small band.  The Beaver Bundle was very powerful medicine. They are lucky he is there.  The Medicine will protect and guide.


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