"The Holdup"

15" x 30" Oil on Linen

I suppose that the notion of "holdup up the Stage" for most people involves a scenario of masked robbers wielding six guns or rifles and relieving passengers of their valuables or making off with the strong box containing the payroll or something akin to that.  And to be sure, that did happen more than a couple of times.  However, my bet is that wheel problems, or horse problems, or landslides, or something broken took the prize for holding up the stage from it's regular ETA schedule.  In this instance, a towering pine has fallen across and blocks the road.  There's no way around nor over the thing so the tree has to be removed.  These enterprising gents are using what they have to do the job.


  It's that - or wait for help - or go back - or do nothing.  So...




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