"The Trapper's Wife"

15" x 30" Oil on Linen

When you are traveling up river to the West from the City of Challis, Idaho on the Salmon River Highway, you will be in a pretty deep canyon the entire way.  There are places that widen here or there but for the most part, it is rugged and difficult terrain to negotiate without the highway.  As you leave the canyon and enter into an open area that denotes the Stanley Basin, this is the view you get.  The city of Stanley is less than a mile from this view point towards the Sawtooth Mountains to the SW.  The little settlement of Lower Stanley is on this very site.  Many a Free Trapper has been through this area, working his trap lines.   This trapper and his wife stop to get a bag of fresh water before they continue on their journey.  Just another family out to take the air - sorta.



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