"The White Buffalo"

18" x 24" Oil on Linen

Something that people seem to know is that among the tribes of Buffalo hunters, a White Buffalo was something special beyond words. This animal was more than a scarcity or rarity. The chances of an albino bison being born are about one out of ten million or so. One of the most famous White Buffalo births in historic times was on the Flathead Reservation in Northwest Montana in 1933 and he was named "Big Medicine." 


His stuffed remains are in the Montana Historical Society Museum where folks have almost stripped the touchable hair from his old dead hide.   Even though the animal revered by the Native Tribes was sacred, Warriors were also compelled to kill it in order to fulfill the rites attached to the kill.  Like most human religions, it was complicated.  The hunter who killed a White Buffalo received special spiritual blessings.  It was also believed the birth of a White Buffalo was an omen of something important to happen.  No one was really willing to mess with the possibilities that ignoring the situation might bring.   Know what I mean?


Many folks have never seen live Buffalo on it's original wild native habitat.  The greatest majority of Americans who have ever lived have not seen the phenomena of a White Buffalo in the wild. 


Big Medicine, Indeed!

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