"Trials of a Bear-napper"

18" x 24" Oil on Linen

This story was related to me by a friend in Challis, Idaho.  It seems two guys were riding on a mountain trail headed back to camp when they saw this little Black Bear cub playing around some deadfall all by his lonesome.  He was real cute. One of the guys, apparently the crazy one, thought it would be kind of neat to grab the little guy and show him off in camp.  Nothing wrong with that. What could go wrong?  He jumps off his horse with his slicker and quick as that had the cub wrapped up.  That's when the plan started to unravel.  His horse didn't particularly like the smell of the little bear and sort of shied away as he tried to get a foot in the stirrup.  About then, who would show up but the  wild crazy bear Mama ripping down the side of the slope at about 60 miles per hour.  There was not too much deep thinking from that point on.  He tossed the little cub to his mother, slicker and all, finally got astraddle of his horse, and the pair lit out down the trail as fast as their horses could go and never looked back.  I'm sure there was a lot of "explaining" later on that night.  They were pretty lucky to get away unscathed.  I'm betting that Mama Bear made a real mess of the slicker.  Anyway that's how I remember  the story.


 I'm guessing there is a moral to be found here someplace.



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