30" x 60" Oil on Linen

Survival requires a short list of necessities, water being right at the top.  The long arduous trek across the Great Plains and  the stressful laboring through the harsh dry region of Idaho's Snake River Plain caused great hardship for all, and death for some, weary immigrants.  To survive, you do what you have to do .

Food also could and did get scarce.  But water was sometimes nowhere to be found and sometimes it was available in a variety of purities in unexpected places.  I wanted to make a statement on behalf of the intrepid human beings that were capable of survival under the toughest going.  This location is down from the Perrine Memorial Bridge between Jerome and Twin Falls counties.  We called it the "Rim to Rim" bridge when I was growing up.


Ah, water!  Seeing it and then getting it were two different things!


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