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"Hopi Corn Grinder"




"A Slow Night at Murphy's"


"The Homestead"


"The Signal Fire" 



"Daughter of the Piegan"


"Son of the Piegan" 


"Careless Spy"



"The Death of Wahlitits" 


"Trouble or Trade" 



"Lazy Afternoon" 



"When All Was Wilderness"  



"He Gave Them 15 Minutes" 



"Rise and Shine" 


"Moonlight Gamblers" 


"Here Rolled the Wagons"  



"The Grouse Incident" 


"Thoughts of Home" 


"One Last Look" 


"Pistol Creek"



"Stanley Basin - 1830"



"On the Snake - 1811"




"Surrender of Joseph - 1877" 



"Headin' Home"

"One Hour Out"


"Wood Bearer"


"Winter Song" 

"Three Scouts of the Blackfeet" 



"Cry of the Goose" 



"Revenge Seekers - 1863"



"Ahead of Schedule" 


"Ride Slow - Think Fast"


"The Fish Story" 


"Hunting the Bighorn" 


"Plains Warrior"    "Plains Mother"


"Day Dreamin'"



"Mid-day Drowsies"





"The War Shirt"



"Two Different Worlds"


"Tukedeka Medicine" 



"Plains Idyll"


"The Doll Maker" 


"Proof of a Hit"


"Apache Scout" 



"Watching the Backtrail"



"Sunrise and Swans at Redfish" 



"Ma Wanted Me To Be A Doctor"



"The Worn-Out Letter" 


"Wheat Farming in the Horse Days" 


"The Dene' Homeland" 


"Sixteen Winters"



"What is Wealth?" 


"Joseph's Camp at the Big Hole" 


"Sundown Warrior"






"First Came the Trappers" 



"Redfish Morning"



"At the Rising of the Sun"



"Camp On the Big Open"


"The Newlyweds"

"Kootenai Deer Hunters"


"People of Two Worlds"


"The Camp at Elk Killed Creek" 


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