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"Sawtooth Range and Decker Flat"

 "Enemy Village"


"Farwell's Trading Post"



"Big Mick's Saloon"

"Sundown Run"

"Dead Indian Pass"

"Moving to a New Camp"

"Buffalo Bull in Winter"


"An Old Song"


"A Time for Diplomacy"

"Eyes of the People"

"A People Apart"

A Summer Evening"



"A Warm Beacon on a Cold Night"


"Buffalo Birds"

"Old Bill Williams"


"The Heritage"


"Sunset On the Wild"

"No Time to Roll a Smoke"

"Night Guard"  


"Crow Camp"


"Stage from the High Country"

"Knight of the Prairie"




"The High Trail Out"





                 Mountain Man

"In the Clearing"


"Stanley Lake"


"A New Way of Life"



"The Pathfinder"


"Camp By the Cottonwoods"

"Crow Warrior"


"Returning Scouts"


"Distant Shot"


"Early Morning Move"


"Spies For the Raiders"

"The Creak of Cold Leather"  


"Into the Next Valley"


"The Mystery of the Holy Road"

"When Time Meant Nothing"

"Moving Day"


"Night Vigil"


"The End of the Day"


"Meat Hunters"




On back of a Postage Stamp


"White Man's Winter Spirit"


"The Long Haul"

"On the High Meadow"


"The Mountain Bluebird"


"The Beaver Hunters"

"Nomads of the Plains"

"Night Stage"


"Horse Guard"


"Moving With The Wind"

I'm Stayin' Outta This Guy's Yard"

"The Farewell Wave"


"The Chief's Lodge"



"A Man High In His Field"


"Evening Idyll"

"Leaving the High Country"




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