Gallery 3


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"A Mid Summer Night's Scheme"



"Voice of the Ancients"




"War Cancer"



"The Breath of Coming Winter"


"Stanley Basin Rancher"


"The Arrow Maker"

Desolation Express"


"The Enemy Moccasin"


"Moving Before the Sun"


"Old Duke"


"Her People"


"A Lot of Work for a Little Mutton"


"An Ancient Campsite"


"Headed for Winter Quarters"



"The Loose Braid"


"Down the South Slope"



"A Moment to Rest"


"Gold Shipment"


"Indians and Grouse"





"One Early Morning at Redfish"



"Mandan Watching the River"



"The Bear - Part One"


"The Bear - Part Two" 


Challis Cowboy"


"Returning At Sunset"


"Bad Water"

"Love Song"


"Message By Smoke"



"The Legend of Wren, Deer,

and the Wolves"


"A Warning About Woolies"

"Big Dust"



"Waiting for the Robe of Night"


"Looking for a Signal"


"Low Talk and Warm Whiskey"




"Spreading the Word"


"Weiser River Rancher"





"Blackfeet Reflections"


"Grinding the Sacred Meal"

"Changing Ranges"

"On the Backtrail"


"Returning Warrior"




"Sawtooth Springtime"


"Camp in the Aspens"

"Snow Tells Grass's Secret"

"Looking for Greener Pastures"


"Mt. McGowan at Stanley Lake"



"A Time to Reflect"


"Watching the Holy Road"


"Wind and Wild Geese"



"Water Girl"


"The Warriors"

"The Pursuers"

"We Saw the Sundance Camp Before Us"

"Down From the Hills"



"Blackfeet Woman"


"A Warm Trail Gets Hot"


"A Warrior"



"Squash Blossom"


"Loading the Stage"


"The Long Time Wait"


"The Loner"



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