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"When the Tables Turn"

"A Son Coming Home"



"Mule Talk"


"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

"The Coming of Lewis and Clark"


"The Holdup"


"Days of Summer"

"Milk River Rendezvous" 


"Trials of a Bear-Napper"


"El Segundo"

   "A Rose for a Lady" 




"Shoshone Before Horses"



"Shoshoni Travois"


"Detouring the Stage"

"Headed for the Home Ranch"



"Buffalo Bull"


"Grub Line Rider"

"When Winter Counts Coup"

"Returning Stolen Horses"

"The Sand Speaks"


"At Water's Edge"




"Mountain Man"


"Alexander Ross - Sawtooth Valley 1824"

"Sioux Rock Worshipers"

"An Old Bannock Song"


"A Few Words In Passing"


"Buffalo Surround"

"Looking For A Meal"




"Ah Kain't Hardly Wate

 'til Next Saturday Nite"



"The White Buffalo"



"The Trapper's Wife"

"Arriving At the Sundance"


"Mesa Girls"

"King of the Hill"

On back of postage stamp



On back of postage stamp


"Tukedeka Hunter"


"Sioux Moccasins"

"Strategy Meeting"

"When Trails Were Hidden"



"The Crow and the Eagle"


"30 Minute Oil Sketch"

"Buckskin Paladins"



"Measurin' Calico"


"Down On the Snake"

"Sixteen Winters"

"September Move"


"How the News Was Spread"  

"Redfish Sunrise"



"And There We Was"


"Lodgepole Camp"

"Hereford Hoedown"

"Hunters of the Malade"

"Before Sunup"

"The Rocky Mountain Liar"


"Plains Man"


"Middle Fork"


"Killin' Some Bull"


"Hunter's Luck"


"Days of the Travois"


"Signal of Changing Seasons"

The Outriders"

"On the Shady Side"


"Lewis and Clark on the Columbia - April 1806"



"Old Gabe"



"Alva Challis"



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